01.01.2022 List of Prices and Services


Import, export and DAC

1. TA - Storage Tariff
  • First period of 10 days:
    • General charge: 0.10% for a period of 10 days or fraction;
    • Toxic, odorous, flammable, corrosive or difficult to handle products: 0.20% per period of 10 days or fraction;
  • From the second period (Day 11 onwards):
    • General charge: 0.20% for a period of 10 days or fraction thereof;
    • Toxic, odorous, flammable, corrosive products: 0.40% for a period of 10 days or fraction;
2. TM – Handling fee (Import, export and DAC):
  • R$ 8.1425 per m3 or fraction;
  • R$ 23.53 per ton or fraction;
Note: The charge will be charged on the highest value.
3. Scale:
  • R$ 25.00 per document.


General notes DRY PORT:
  • All taxes are included in the charges;
  • All goods are covered by insurance when they are inside our warehouses.
  • Billing of services provided and recovery of expenses: At the moment of nationalizing (removing) each product, on the date when the forfeiture of goods term is drawn by the Receita Federal or every 30 days when the goods are stored for longer than 120 days;
  • Deadline for payment of invoices: before withdrawal of goods or 28 days since the issuance of the invoice, except for credit analysis. The payments will be accepted only through quittance of the bank-issued invoice. We do not accept bank deposit;
  • After negotiating the rates and/or issuance of invoices of storage, no discounts will be given. The invoice will be cancelled only if there is an error of Multi Armazéns and in case the client or Multi Armazéns verify the problem until the last business day of the execution of the services;
  • If it is necessary to substitute the invoices for reason attributable to the depositor or representative and the same cannot be cancelled due to effected accounting records, respective taxes and charges collected, the values referring to these taxes and charges will have to be reimbursed by the depositor through debit notes;
  • Delays in payment will entail charging interests and penalty, on a daily basis, according to the charging invoice.
  • The charges may suffer readjustments at any moment, through prior notice, in case it is necessary to maintain the financial economic equilibrium of the operation;
  • The special charges negotiated previously will be effective for 120 days. If the client does not have any sales revenue during this period, the table will be registered as standard. In case of revenues during the period, the special conditions are renewed automatically at every revenue;
  • In case the goods (DAP) that have partial output, the charging of storage will be calculated on the integral value of DI - Declaration of Admission until the complete output of the products;
  • The submission of the transportation document is mandatory, it may be a copy, in order to proceed with the unpacking and presence of cargo. In order to remove the cargo after nationalization, it is mandatory to present the original transit document.
  • The dry port hours of operation are from 8:30am to 12:00pm and from 1:15pm to 6:00pm. Operations outside of these hours will be considered special and will have additional costs with overtime hour;
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