A mega structure that allows a wide range of demands to be met, offering superior performance in all logistics processes.

Dry Port

A complex structure that makes your operations far more simple.

120 Mil m²

customs area

75 Mil m²

internal yard

32 Mil m²

built area




  • Administrative Center 620m²
  • Federal Revenue Administration 340m²
  • Warehouse 01 1.900m²
  • Warehouse 02 1.900m²
  • Warehouse 03 2.020m²
  • Warehouse 04 2.300m²
  • Warehouse 04A Foods and Pharmaceuticals
    (with temperature control)
  • Warehouse 05 2.900m²
  • Warehouse 06 2.900m²
  • Warehouse 07 2.900m²
  • Warehouse 08 1.250m²
  • Warehouse 09 2.900m²
  • Warehouse 10 2.900m²
  • Warehouse 11 6.300m²
  • Total Built Area 32.280m²


  • Truck parking
  • Security Checkpoint
  • Scale
  • Vehicle parking
  • Internal parking
  • Administrative Center
  • Federal Revenue
  • Automotive Yard (approx. 700 vehicles)
  • Reefers - covered area
  • Maintenance
  • Automotive yard 3 - Yard for containers
  • Truck parking
  • Automotive Yard 2(approx. 130 vehicles)
  • Container Yard


Our warehouses comply with ANVISA regulations, specifically for products subject to licensing and specific procedures (such as chemicals, flammables and foodstuffs). We offer air-conditioned warehouses and the equipment necessary for product labeling and repackaging. there are also specific areas for fumigation, palleting, labeling, packaging and repackaging.


Thanks to our enormous yard, we are prepared to store vehicles and voluminous cargoes of any type. Our cutting-edge equipment, competitive storage tariffs and our mega-infrastructure allow us to fully satisfy our clients’ needs.

Customs Post

Permanent posts for the Federal Revenue Service and Ministry of Agriculture and a remote ANVISA terminal. Offices for customs brokers, logistics operators and cargo agents.

Support Structure

With transport services between the bases and the Dry Port and from there to the end clients, we provide greater speed and efficiency in load handling processes.

General Warehouse

Using Multi Armazéns’ infrastructure is a guarantee of economy, greater operational flexibility and process optimization.

68 Mil m²

distribution center

18 Mil m²

covered area for storage and handing procedures

15 Docas

for loading and unloading

3 Mil m²

administrative area


  • Warehouse 01 7.320m²
  • Warehouse 02 3.432m²
  • Warehouse 03 6.325m²
  • Warehouse 04 679m²
  • Administration 1.578m²
  • Total built area 19.334m²


  • Visitors entrance
  • Truck entrance (loading and unloading)
  • Internal parking
  • Truck parking
  • Administrative Center
  • Container Yard


Our structure includes 15,000 pallet positions, 750 m2 of air-conditioned area (temperature and moisture control), specific areas for foods, inflammables, chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilizers.


Our strategic proximity to the leading production and consumption centers in the south of Brazil facilitates the integration of several supply chains.


Our services include 24 hour monitoring, as well as a 100% web-based WMS System, for real-time access from anywhere in the world.

Our fleet characteristics





Container Types

Contêiner 40` Standard (STD)

Load capacity: 26 Tons / 66 m³
Volume: 6
Size: 2.3 X 12m

Contêiner 40` High Cube (HC)

Load capacity: 26 Tons / 76 m³
Volume: 8
Size: 2.78 X 12m

Our Fleet

  • VUC

    Load capacity: 1,5 tons / 10m³
    Volume: 1

  • Truck Sider Baú

    Load capacity: 15 tons / 50m³
    Volume: 3

  • Porta Contêiner 20` e 40` / Tampa Baixa

    Load capacity: 30 tons
    Volume: 8

  • Carreta Sider

    Load capacity: 30 tons / 95m³
    Volume: 11

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