Our services include transport to the Port of Rio Grande and ports in the state of Santa Catarina, as well as transport from the ports in the south of Brazil to the Dry Port and General Warehouse. We transport nationalized goods, and also full loads from Brazil to Argentina.

National Routes

  • National truck and container freight transport under a customs transit regime from the port of Rio Grande, Imbituba and Itajaí, from Porto Alegre airport and the land borders like Uruguaiana and São Borja.
  • Transport of national goods from the Porto of Rio Grande to all of Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Transport of less-than-container goods originating at the Port of Rio Grande and the Porto Alegre airport.
  • Distribution of nationalized goods from our hub in Novo Hamburgo all over Rio Grande do Sul
670km 12hrs
São Borja
595km 12hrs
400km 8hrs
Porto Alegre
40km 45min
Rio Grande
355km 8hrs
560km 12hrs
Transport of nationalized goods Customs transit transport

International Routes

Roadway – Argentina - Uruguai

Road transport of full loads between Rio Grande do Sul, Argentina and Uruguay; from Argentina Uruguay to Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Customs transit between Novo Hamburgo and tax warehouse in Buenos Aires. Consolidation in the dry port of Multi Warehouses.

Frontiers and cross to Argentina: Uruguaiana and São Borja.

Cross borders to Uruguay: Chuí and Jaguarão

Our fleet characteristics





Container Types

Contêiner 40` Standard (STD)

Load capacity: 26 Tons / 66 m³
Volume: 6
Size: 2.3 X 12m

Contêiner 40` High Cube (HC)

Load capacity: 26 Tons / 76 m³
Volume: 8
Size: 2.78 X 12m

Our Fleet